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//  See library home page at



#include <boost/filesystem/path.hpp>  // includes <boost/filesystem/config.hpp>
#include <boost/filesystem/operations.hpp>

#include <boost/config/abi_prefix.hpp> // must be the last header

namespace boost
  namespace filesystem

//  create_directories (contributed by Vladimir Prus)  -----------------------//

    BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL void create_directories(const path& ph);

    BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL std::string extension(const path& ph);

    BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL std::string basename(const path& ph);

    BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DECL path change_extension(const path& ph,
      const std::string& new_extension);

  } // namespace filesystem
} // namespace boost

#include <boost/config/abi_suffix.hpp> // pops abi_suffix.hpp pragmas