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BoostBook element copy-assignment
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BoostBook element copy-assignment

copy-assignment — Declares a copy-assignment operator


copy-assignment ::= (template?, type?, parameter*, purpose?, description?, requires?, effects?, postconditions?, returns?, throws?, complexity?, notes?, rationale?)


The return type of the copy-assignment operator does not need to be specified. If left unspecified, it will default to an unqualified reference to the enclosing class type.

General documentation on functions in BoostBook is provided in the function element documentation.


last-revision#IMPLIEDCDATASet to $Date: 2004/01/15 16:08:59 $ to keep "last revised" information in sync with CVS changes
cv#IMPLIEDCDATAcv-qualifiers for this method, e.g., const volatile
specifiers#IMPLIEDCDATAThe specifiers for this function, e.g., inline, static, etc.
id#IMPLIEDCDATAA global identifier for this element
xml:base#IMPLIEDCDATAImplementation detail used by XIncludes
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