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BoostBook element namespace
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BoostBook element namespace

namespace — Declares a namespace


namespace ::= (class| class-specialization| struct| struct-specialization| union| union-specialization| typedef| enum| free-function-group| function| overloaded-function| namespace)*


BoostBook namespaces are declared via the <namespace> element. As in C++, namespaces can be nested and contain other C++ constructs, such as classes or functions. The name attribute of a <namespace> element gives the namespace name (e.g., "boost"). The Any library is defined entirely within namespace boost by:

  <header name="boost/any.hpp">
    <namespace name="boost">  
      <!-- C++ constructs in the boost namespace -->


last-revision#IMPLIEDCDATASet to $Date: 2004/01/15 16:08:59 $ to keep "last revised" information in sync with CVS changes
name#REQUIREDCDATAThe name of the element being declared to referenced
id#IMPLIEDCDATAA global identifier for this element
xml:base#IMPLIEDCDATAImplementation detail used by XIncludes
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