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Demonstrate time iteration, clock retrieval, and simple calculation.

//Print the remaining hours of the day
//Uses the clock to get the local time 
//Use an iterator to iterate over the remaining hours
//Retrieve the date part from a time
/* Expected Output something like:

2002-Mar-08 16:30:59
2002-Mar-08 17:30:59
2002-Mar-08 18:30:59
2002-Mar-08 19:30:59
2002-Mar-08 20:30:59
2002-Mar-08 21:30:59
2002-Mar-08 22:30:59
2002-Mar-08 23:30:59
Time left till midnight: 07:29:01


#include "boost/date_time/posix_time/posix_time.hpp"
#include <iostream>

  using namespace boost::posix_time;
  using namespace boost::gregorian;

  //get the current time from the clock -- one second resolution
  ptime now = second_clock::local_time();
  //Get the date part out of the time
  date today =;
  date tommorrow = today + date_duration(1);
  ptime tommorrow_start(tommorrow); //midnight 

  //iterator adds by one hour
  time_iterator titr(now,hours(1)); 
  for (; titr < tommorrow_start; ++titr) {
    std::cout << to_simple_string(*titr) << std::endl;
  time_duration remaining = tommorrow_start - now;
  std::cout << "Time left till midnight: " 
         << to_simple_string(remaining) << std::endl;
  return 0;

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