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      typename T1
    , typename T2
    , typename T3 = integral_c<int,0>
    , ...
    , typename Tn = integral_c<int,0>
struct minus
    typedef unspecified type;


Returns the difference of its arguments [1].


#include "boost/mpl/minus.hpp"


 Parameter  Requirement  Description  
T1, T2, .., TnA model of Integral Constant

Expression semantics

 Expression  Expression type  Precondition  Semantics  Postcondition 
typedef minus<t1,t2,..,tn>::type diff;A model of Integral ConstantEquivalent to typedef integral_c<typeof(t1::value - t2::value .. - tn::value), t1::value - t2::value .. - tn::value > diff;


Amortized constant time.


typedef minus< integral_c<short,-1>, integral_c<long,10> >::type diff;
BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT(diff::value == -11));
BOOST_MPL_ASSERT_IS_SAME(diff::value_type, long);


[1] The minus metafunction can be (and is expected to be) specialized by user to work on user-defined types that do not satisfy the Integral Constant requirements. The requirements listed here are the ones imposed by the default implementation.

See also

Metafunctions, plus, divides, multiplies, modulus, negate

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