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/// \file proto_fwd.hpp
/// Forward declarations of all of proto's public types and functions.
//  Copyright 2004 Eric Niebler. Distributed under the Boost
//  Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file
//  LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

#ifndef BOOST_PROTO_FWD_HPP_EAN_04_01_2005
#define BOOST_PROTO_FWD_HPP_EAN_04_01_2005

#include <boost/mpl/bool.hpp>
#include <boost/mpl/apply_fwd.hpp>
#include <boost/spirit/fusion/sequence/tuple_forward.hpp>
#include <boost/preprocessor/repetition/enum_params_with_a_default.hpp>


namespace boost { namespace proto

    // Operator tags
    struct unary_tag;
    struct binary_tag;
    struct nary_tag;

    struct noop_tag;
    struct unary_plus_tag;
    struct unary_minus_tag;
    struct unary_star_tag;
    struct complement_tag;
    struct address_of_tag;
    struct logical_not_tag;
    struct pre_inc_tag;
    struct pre_dec_tag;
    struct post_inc_tag;
    struct post_dec_tag;

    struct left_shift_tag;
    struct right_shift_tag;
    struct multiply_tag;
    struct divide_tag;
    struct modulus_tag;
    struct add_tag;
    struct subtract_tag;
    struct less_tag;
    struct greater_tag;
    struct less_equal_tag;
    struct greater_equal_tag;
    struct equal_tag;
    struct not_equal_tag;
    struct logical_or_tag;
    struct logical_and_tag;
    struct bitand_tag;
    struct bitor_tag;
    struct bitxor_tag;
    struct comma_tag;
    struct mem_ptr_tag;

    struct assign_tag;
    struct left_shift_assign_tag;
    struct right_shift_assign_tag;
    struct multiply_assign_tag;
    struct divide_assign_tag;
    struct modulus_assign_tag;
    struct add_assign_tag;
    struct subtract_assign_tag;
    struct bitand_assign_tag;
    struct bitor_assign_tag;
    struct bitxor_assign_tag;
    struct subscript_tag;

    struct function_tag;

    template<typename Tag>
    struct is_unary;

    template<typename Tag>
    struct is_binary;

    template<typename Tag>
    struct is_nary;

    template<typename Arg, typename Op>
    struct unary_op;

    template<typename Left, typename Right, typename Op>
    struct binary_op;

    template<typename Op, typename Param = void>
    struct op_proxy;

        typename Fun
    struct nary_op;

    template<typename Op, typename Arg>
    unary_op<Arg, Op> const
    make_op(Arg const &arg);

    template<typename Op, typename Left, typename Right>
    binary_op<Left, Right, Op> const
    make_op(Left const &left, Right const &right);

    template<typename Arg>
    unary_op<Arg, noop_tag> const
    noop(Arg const &arg);

    struct op_root;

    template<typename T>
    struct is_proxy;

    template<typename T>
    struct is_op;

    template<typename T, bool IsOp = is_op<T>::value>
    struct as_op;

    template<typename Op>
    struct op_base;

    template<typename T>
    struct value_type;

    template<typename Op>
    struct arg_type;

    template<typename Op>
    struct left_type;

    template<typename Op>
    struct right_type;

    template<typename Op>
    struct tag_type;

    template<typename OpTag, typename DomainTag, typename Dummy = void>
    struct compiler;

    template<typename OpTag, typename DomainTag, bool RightFirst = true>
    struct fold_compiler;

    template<typename Lambda, typename DomainTag, typename Compiler = void>
    struct transform_compiler;

    template<typename Lambda, typename DomainTag>
    struct branch_compiler;

    template<typename Predicate, typename IfCompiler, typename ElseCompiler>
    struct conditional_compiler;

    template<typename Lambda, typename Map>
    struct switch_compiler;

    struct error_compiler;

    struct identity_transform;

    struct arg_transform;

    struct left_transform;

    struct right_transform;

    template<typename Always>
    struct always_transform;

    template<typename First, typename Second>
    struct compose_transforms;

    template<typename Predicate, typename IfTransform, typename ElseTransform = identity_transform>
    struct conditional_transform;

    template<typename Op>
    typename arg_type<Op>::const_reference arg(Op const &op);

    template<typename Op>
    typename left_type<Op>::const_reference left(Op const &op);

    template<typename Op>
    typename right_type<Op>::const_reference right(Op const &op);

    template<typename Op, typename State, typename Visitor, typename DomainTag>
    struct compile_result;

    template<typename Op, typename State, typename Visitor, typename DomainTag>
    typename compile_result<Op, State, Visitor, DomainTag>::type const
    compile(Op const &op, State const &state, Visitor &visitor, DomainTag tag_type);

}} // namespace boost::proto