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Concept summary

Here is a small summary of the basic concepts that will be used in the following chapters:

Brief Concepts Summary

Node Algorithms

A class containing typedefs and static functions that define basic operations that can be applied to a groups of nodes. It's independent from the node definition, and it's configured taking a NodeTraits template parameter that describes the node.

Node Traits

A class that stores basic information and operations to insert a node in a group of nodes.


A class that a user must add as a base class or as a member to make the user class compatible with intrusive containers.

Intrusive Container

A class that stores user classes that have the needed hooks. It takes a ValueTraits template parameter as configuration information.

Pseudo-Intrusive Container

Similar to an intrusive container but a pseudo-intrusive container needs additional memory (e.g. an auxiliary array) to work.

Value Traits

A class containing typedefs and operations to obtain the node to be used by Node Algorithms from the user class and the inverse.