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Chapter 8. Version history

Table of Contents

From V2.22 to V2.23 (Boost 1.50)
From V2.21 to V2.22 (Boost 1.48)
From V2.20 to V2.21 (Boost 1.47)
From V2.12 to V2.20 (Boost 1.46)
From V2.10 to V2.12 (Boost 1.45)
From V2.0 to V2.12 (Boost 1.44)

From V2.22 to V2.23 (Boost 1.50)

  • eUML : better syntax for front-ends defined with eUML as transititon table only. Caution: Breaking Change!

  • Bugfix: graph building was only working if initial_state defined as a sequence

  • Bugfix: flags defined for a Terminate or Interrupt state do not break the blocking function of these states any more.

  • Bugfix: multiple deferred events from several regions were not working in every case.

  • Bugfix: visitor was passed by value to submachines.

  • Bugfix: no_transition was not called for submachines who send an event to themselves.

  • Fixed warnings with gcc