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Class template basic_ovectorstream



// In header: <boost/interprocess/interprocess_fwd.hpp>

template<typename CharVector, 
         typename CharTraits = std::char_traits<typename CharVector::value_type> > 
class basic_ovectorstream :
  public std::basic_ostream< CharVector::value_type, CharTraits >
  // construct/copy/destruct
  basic_ovectorstream(std::ios_base::openmode = std::ios_base::out);
  template<typename VectorParameter> 
    basic_ovectorstream(const VectorParameter &, 
                        std::ios_base::openmode = std::ios_base::out);

  // public member functions
  basic_vectorbuf< CharVector, CharTraits > * rdbuf() const;
  void swap_vector(vector_type &);
  const vector_type & vector() const;
  void reserve(typename vector_type::size_type);


A basic_ostream class that holds a character vector specified by CharVector template parameter as its formatting buffer. The vector must have contiguous storage, like std::vector, boost::interprocess::vector or boost::interprocess::basic_string

basic_ovectorstream public construct/copy/destruct

  1. basic_ovectorstream(std::ios_base::openmode mode = std::ios_base::out);

    Constructor. Throws if vector_type default constructor throws.

  2. template<typename VectorParameter> 
      basic_ovectorstream(const VectorParameter & param, 
                          std::ios_base::openmode mode = std::ios_base::out);

    Constructor. Throws if vector_type(const VectorParameter &param) throws.

basic_ovectorstream public member functions

  1. basic_vectorbuf< CharVector, CharTraits > * rdbuf() const;

    Returns the address of the stored stream buffer.

  2. void swap_vector(vector_type & vect);

    Swaps the underlying vector with the passed vector. This function resets the write position in the stream. Does not throw.

  3. const vector_type & vector() const;

    Returns a const reference to the internal vector. Does not throw.

  4. void reserve(typename vector_type::size_type size);

    Calls reserve() method of the internal vector. Resets the stream to the first position. Throws if the internals vector's reserve throws.