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Struct template conversion_helper



// In header: <boost/units/conversion.hpp>

template<typename From, typename To> 
struct conversion_helper {

  // public static functions
  static To convert(const From &);


Template for defining conversions between quantities. This template should be specialized for every quantity that allows conversions. For example, if you have a two units called pair and dozen you would write

*  namespace boost {
*  namespace units {
*  template<class T0, class T1>
*  struct conversion_helper<quantity<dozen, T0>, quantity<pair, T1> >
*  {
*      static quantity<pair, T1> convert(const quantity<dozen, T0>& source)
*      {
*          return(quantity<pair, T1>::from_value(6 * source.value()));
*      }
*  };
*  }
*  }

In most cases, the predefined specializations for unit and absolute should be sufficient, so users should rarely need to use this.

conversion_helper public static functions

  1. static To convert(const From &);