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Boost 1.59.0 Library Documentation - Miscellaneous

By Category


  • Timer: Event timer, progress timer, and progress display classes.
  • Value Initialized: Wrapper for uniform-syntax value initialization, based on the original idea of David Abrahams.
  • Conversion: Polymorphic casts.
  • Optional: A value-semantic, type-safe wrapper for representing 'optional' (or 'nullable') objects of a given type. An optional object may or may not contain a value of the underlying type.
  • Tribool: 3-state boolean type library.
  • TR1 (deprecated): The TR1 library provides an implementation of the C++ Technical Report on Standard Library Extensions. This library does not itself implement the TR1 components, rather it's a thin wrapper that will include your standard library's TR1 implementation (if it has one), otherwise it will include the Boost Library equivalents, and import them into namespace std::tr1.
  • Swap: Enhanced generic swap function.
  • Log: Logging library.
  • Predef: This library defines a set of compiler, architecture, operating system, library, and other version numbers from the information it can gather of C, C++, Objective C, and Objective C++ predefined macros or those defined in generally available headers.
  • Core: A collection of simple core utilities with minimal dependencies.
  • ThrowException: A common infrastructure for throwing exceptions from Boost libraries.