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Struct template plus_assign

boost::proto::plus_assign — A metafunction for generating plus-assign expression types, a grammar element for matching plus-assign expressions, and a PrimitiveTransform that dispatches to the proto::pass_through<> transform.


// In header: <boost/proto/traits.hpp>

template<typename T, typename U> 
struct plus_assign :  proto::transform< plus_assign<T, U> > {
  // types
  typedef proto::expr< proto::tag::plus_assign, proto::list2< T, U > >       type;         
  typedef proto::basic_expr< proto::tag::plus_assign, proto::list2< T, U > > proto_grammar;

  // member classes/structs/unions
  template<typename Expr, typename State, typename Data> 
  struct impl :
     proto::pass_through<plus_assign>::template impl<Expr, State, Data>