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// -*- C++ -*-
//  Boost general library 'format'   ---------------------------
//  See for updates, documentation, and revision history.

//  (C) Samuel Krempp 2001
//  Permission to copy, use, modify, sell and
//  distribute this software is granted provided this copyright notice appears
//  in all copies. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied
//  warranty, and with no claim as to its suitability for any purpose.

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// format.hpp :  primary header
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <boost/detail/workaround.hpp>
#include <boost/format/detail/config_macros.hpp>

#include <locale>

#include <cctype>  // we'll use the non-locale  <cctype>'s std::isdigit(int)

// ****  Forward declarations ----------------------------------
#include <boost/format/format_fwd.hpp>     // basic_format<Ch,Tr>, and other frontends
#include <boost/format/internals_fwd.hpp>  // misc forward declarations for internal use

// ****  Auxiliary structs (stream_format_state<Ch,Tr> , and format_item<Ch,Tr> )
#include <boost/format/internals.hpp>    

// ****  Format  class  interface --------------------------------
#include <boost/format/format_class.hpp>

// **** Exceptions -----------------------------------------------
#include <boost/format/exceptions.hpp>

// **** Implementation -------------------------------------------
#include <boost/format/format_implementation.hpp>   // member functions
#include <boost/format/group.hpp>                   // class for grouping arguments
#include <boost/format/feed_args.hpp>               // argument-feeding functions
#include <boost/format/parsing.hpp>                 // format-string parsing (member-)functions

// **** Implementation of the free functions ----------------------
#include <boost/format/free_funcs.hpp>

// *** Undefine 'local' macros :
#include <boost/format/detail/unset_macros.hpp>