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void read_graphviz(const std::string& file, GraphvizDigraph& g);
void read_graphviz(FILE* file, GraphvizDigraph& g);
void read_graphviz(const std::string& file, GraphvizGraph& g);
void read_graphviz(FILE* file, GraphvizGraph& g);
This is to read a file in AT&T graphviz format into a BGL graph. The type of the BGL graph has to be either GraphvizDigraph or GraphvizGraph. You need build the libbgl-viz.a library and link the library into your program properly.

How to build library libbgl-viz.a

set CXX to be your compiler command. For example(in tcsh shell):
setenv CXX "g++ -ftemplate-depth-100 -Wno-long-long"
or (in bash shell):
export CXX="g++ -ftemplate-depth-100 -Wno-long-long"
Assume your boost top directory is boost_X_XX_X, then
cd boost_X_XX_X/libs/graph/src
$CXX -I../../../ -I. -c *.cpp
ar -rc libbgl-viz.a *.o
ranlib libbgl-viz.a 
Note that for some compilers, the process to build libraries is slightly different. You should follow your compiler manual. For example, to use Kuck and Associates C++ compiler to build the library:
KCC +K0 --one_instantiation_per_object -I../../../ -I. -c *.cpp
KCC +K0 --one_instantiation_per_object -o libbgl-viz.a *.o


The example in example/graphviz.cpp demonstrates using the BGL read graphviz facilities.

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