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      typename F1
    , typename F2
    , typename F3 = true_
    , typename Fn = true_
struct and_
    typedef unspecified type;


Returns the result of short-circuit logical and (&&) operation on its arguments.


#include "boost/mpl/and.hpp"


 Parameter  Requirement  Description  
F1, F2, .., FnA model of nullary Metafunction

Expression semantics

 Expression  Expression type  Precondition  Semantics  Postcondition 
and_<f1,f2,..,fn>A model of bool Integral Constantfalse_ if either of f1::type::value, f2::type::value, .., fn::type::value expressions evaluates to false, and true_ otherwise; guarantees left-to-right evaluation; moreover, the operands subsequent to the first fi metafunction that evaluates to false are not evaluated.


// will generate compile-time error if invoked with T == any fundamental type
template< typename T > struct fail
   typedef typename T::nonexistent type;

BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT((and_< true_,false_ >::value == false)); BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT((and_< false_,fail<int> >::value == false)); // OK, fail<int> is never invoked BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT((and_< true_,false_,fail<int> >::value == false)); // OK too

See also

Metafunctions, or_, not_

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