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A Sequence (or, more precisely, an Input Sequence) is a compile-time entity to which you can apply begin/end operations in order to get iterators for accessing the range of its elements. In general, a sequence does not guarantee that its content doesn't change from one iteration to another, or between different compilation sessions [1]. See Forward Sequence for the definition of the concept that imposes such additional requirements.

Valid expressions

 Expression  Expression type  
typename begin<s>::typeA model of Input Iterator
typename end<s>::typeA model of Input Iterator

Expression semantics

See the description of begin/end operations.


For any sequence s the following invariants always hold:



[1] For example, a sequence might implement an interface to a compile-time random-number generator; for such sequence the begin/end invocation might return different iterators on every subsequent compilation of the code.

See also

Sequences, Forward Sequence, Input Iterator, begin, end

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