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Configuring Apache FOP for PostScript/PDF Output

This section describes the steps required to configure Apache FOP to generate PostScript and PDF output for BoostBook documents. To begin, you will need two pieces of software:

Once Java is installed (we'll call Java's directory JAVA_HOME) and Apache FOP has been extracted into a directory (we'll call FOP's directory FOP_DIR), we need to configure Boost.Build to use FOP. Edit your user-config.jam or site-config.jam and add the following, replacing FOP_DIR with the directory where Apache FOP is installed, and replace JAVA_HOME with the directory where Java is installed:

using fop : FOP_DIR
          : JAVA_HOME

In some cases, JAVA_HOME is optional, but it often helps to specify it.

To test PDF generation, switch to the directory $BOOST_ROOT/doc and execute the command bjam --v2 pdf. In the absence of any errors, Apache FOP will be executed to transform the XSL:FO output of DocBook into a PDF file.

Copyright 2003 Douglas Gregor