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Header <boost/logic/tribool.hpp>
Header <boost/logic/tribool_fwd.hpp>
Header <boost/logic/tribool_io.hpp>

namespace boost {
namespace logic {
class tribool;
bool indeterminate(tribool, unspecified = unspecified);
tribool operator!(tribool);
tribool operator&&(tribool, tribool);
tribool operator&&(tribool, bool);
tribool operator&&(bool, tribool);
tribool operator&&(indeterminate_keyword_t, tribool);
tribool operator&&(tribool, indeterminate_keyword_t);
tribool operator||(tribool, tribool);
tribool operator||(tribool, bool);
tribool operator||(bool, tribool);
tribool operator||(indeterminate_keyword_t, tribool);
tribool operator||(tribool, indeterminate_keyword_t);
tribool operator==(tribool, tribool);
tribool operator==(tribool, bool);
tribool operator==(bool, tribool);
tribool operator==(indeterminate_keyword_t, tribool);
tribool operator==(tribool, indeterminate_keyword_t);
tribool operator!=(tribool, tribool);
tribool operator!=(tribool, bool);
tribool operator!=(bool, tribool);
tribool operator!=(indeterminate_keyword_t, tribool);
tribool operator!=(tribool, indeterminate_keyword_t);
namespace boost {
namespace logic {
namespace boost {
namespace logic {
template<typename CharT> class indeterminate_name;
template<typename T> 
std::basic_string< T > get_default_indeterminate_name();

// Returns the character string "indeterminate". 
std::basic_string< char > get_default_indeterminate_name<char >();

// Returns the wide character string L"indeterminate". 
std::basic_string< wchar_t > get_default_indeterminate_name<wchar_t >();
template<typename CharT, typename Traits> 
std::basic_ostream< CharT, Traits > & 
operator<<(std::basic_ostream< CharT, Traits > &, tribool);
template<typename CharT, typename Traits> 
std::basic_istream< CharT, Traits > & 
operator>>(std::basic_istream< CharT, Traits > &, tribool &);
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