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gcd_lcm - GCD and LCM


detail/gcd_lcm.hpp provides two generic integer algorithms: greatest common divisor and least common multiple.


namespace details {
namespace pool {

template <typename Integer>
Integer gcd(Integer A, Integer B);

template <typename Integer>
Integer lcm(Integer A, Integer B);

} // namespace pool
} // namespace details


Symbol Table
IntegerAn integral type
A, BValues of type Integer
ExpressionResult TypePreconditionNotes
gcd(A, B)IntegerA > 0 && B > 0Returns the greatest common divisor of A and B
lcm(A, B)IntegerA > 0 && B > 0Returns the least common multiple of A and B

Implementation Notes

For faster results, ensure A > B



Future Directions

This header may be replaced by a Boost algorithms library.

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