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Differences from Draft #20
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This is the Boost 1.32 Serialization Library. There are currently no known bugs. However, due to compiler/library quirks and or bugs, some tests fail.


This library requires Boost version 1.32 or later. Depending on the compiler used, It may also require spirit 1.6x which is not part of the standard boost distribution.

The serialization library requires the boost spirit package to load XML archives. We have found that all tests pass using spirit 1.6x. Spirit 1.8 and higher does not work with older compilers - specificallly MSVC 6, Borland and GCC < 3.0. If you are using one of these two compilers, you may download a version of spirit 1.6 here. To use this downloaded version rather than the one included with boost, set an environmental variable SPIRIT_ROOT to be equal to the root directory where the downloaded copy of spirit has been placed. E. G.

set SPIRIT_ROOT=c:/spirit161
If you're not using bjam and the jamfile to build the library, be sure that the directory which contains the version of spirit you plan to use is placed at the front of the list of include paths.

Differences from Draft #20

Pending issues

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