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tru64cxx and tru64cxx65 toolset


Boost.Build's tru64cxx toolset supports the Compaq C++ Compiler for True64 UNIX. There are two parallel toolsets for this compiler. The tru64cxx supports versions prior to 6.5. And the tru64cxx65 supports versions from 6.5 onward.

Please note that the toolset tru64cxx65 uses ansi as the default object model which is different from the default object model of the compiler. This choice has been made because of limitations in the arm object model which is the default object model used by the compiler. If you need to use the old object model, you can do so by explicitly specifying "-sBUILD=<object-model>arm" on the command line when building the boost libraries. For further information on this topic, please refer to the -model option in the cxx manual page.

Configuration Variables

There currently are no user configurable variables used for these toolsets. This requires that the tools be available in the executable path.

Revised 26 August, 2004

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