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This is the documentation for an old version of boost. Click here for the latest Boost documentation.


extends-toolset msvc ;

# singleton variables...
set-as-singleton VC71_ROOT ;

if ! $(MSVCDir)
    ProgramFiles ?= $(PROGRAMFILES) ;
    VC71_ROOT ?= $(ProgramFiles:J=" ")"\\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\\VC7" ;
    VC_TOOL_PATH = "$(VC71_ROOT)"\\bin\\ ;
    VC_SETUP = "CALL \"$(VC_TOOL_PATH)VCVARS32.BAT\" >nul" ;
VC_PDB_NAME = vc71 ;

feature native-wchar_t : on off ;

flags vc-7_1 CFLAGS : /Op ;
flags vc-7_1 C++FLAGS : /Zc:forScope ;
flags vc-7_1 C++FLAGS <native-wchar_t>on : /Zc:wchar_t ;

# The following #// line will be used by the regression test table generation
# program as the column heading for HTML tables. Must not include version number.
#//<a href="">Micro-<br>soft<br>VC++</a>