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/* Copyright (c) 2002,2003 CrystalClear Software, Inc.
 * Use, modification and distribution is subject to the 
 * Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
 * file LICENSE-1.0 or
 * Author: Jeff Garland
 * $Date: 2004/09/02 04:16:18 $

#include <string>

namespace boost {
namespace date_time {

  //! Base type that holds various string names for timezone output.
  /*! Class that holds various types of strings used for timezones.
   *  For example, for the western United States there is the full 
   *  name: Pacific Standard Time and the abbreviated name: PST.
   *  During daylight savings there are additional names:
   *  Pacific Daylight Time and PDT. 
   *@parm CharT Allows class to support different character types
  template<class CharT = char>
  class time_zone_names_base
    typedef std::basic_string<CharT> string_type;
    time_zone_names_base(const string_type& std_zone_name,
                         const string_type& std_zone_abbrev,
                         const string_type& dst_zone_name,
                         const string_type& dst_zone_abbrev) :
    string_type dst_zone_abbrev() const
      return dst_zone_abbrev_;
    string_type std_zone_abbrev() const
      return std_zone_abbrev_;
    string_type dst_zone_name() const
      return dst_zone_name_;
    string_type std_zone_name() const
      return std_zone_name_;
    string_type std_zone_name_;
    string_type std_zone_abbrev_;
    string_type dst_zone_name_;
    string_type dst_zone_abbrev_;
  //! Specialization of timezone names for standard char.
  typedef time_zone_names_base<char> time_zone_names;

} } //namespace