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//  Copyright David Abrahams 2001.
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See
// accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
#ifndef REGISTRY_DWA20011127_HPP
# define REGISTRY_DWA20011127_HPP
# include <boost/python/type_id.hpp>
# include <boost/python/converter/to_python_function_type.hpp>
# include <boost/python/converter/rvalue_from_python_data.hpp>
# include <boost/python/converter/constructor_function.hpp>
# include <boost/python/converter/convertible_function.hpp>

namespace boost { namespace python { namespace converter {

struct registration;

// This namespace acts as a sort of singleton
namespace registry
  // Get the registration corresponding to the type, creating it if necessary
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL registration const& lookup(type_info);

  // Get the registration corresponding to the type, creating it if
  // necessary.  Use this first when the type is a shared_ptr.
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL registration const& lookup_shared_ptr(type_info);

  // Return a pointer to the corresponding registration, if one exists
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL registration const* query(type_info);
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL void insert(to_python_function_t, type_info);

  // Insert an lvalue from_python converter
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL void insert(void* (*convert)(PyObject*), type_info);

  // Insert an rvalue from_python converter
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL void insert(
      , constructor_function
      , type_info
  // Insert an rvalue from_python converter at the tail of the
  // chain. Used for implicit conversions
  BOOST_PYTHON_DECL void push_back(
      , constructor_function
      , type_info

}}} // namespace boost::python::converter

#endif // REGISTRY_DWA20011127_HPP