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Function any_cast

boost::any_cast —

Custom keyword cast for extracting a value of a given type from an any.


template<typename T> T any_cast(any & operand);
template<typename T> T any_cast(const any & operand);
template<typename ValueType> const ValueType * any_cast(const any * operand);
template<typename ValueType> ValueType * any_cast(any * operand);


Returns: If passed a pointer, it returns a similarly qualified pointer to the value content if successful, otherwise null is returned. If T is ValueType, it returns a copy of the held value, otherwise, if T is a reference to (possibly const qualified) ValueType, it returns a reference to the held value.
Throws: Overloads taking an any pointer do not throw; overloads taking an any value or reference throws bad_any_cast if unsuccessful.

Copyright 2001 Kevlin Henney