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Part III. Boost.Build v2 User Manual

Table of Contents

21. How to use this document
22. Installation
23. Tutorial
Hello, world
Project Hierarchies
Dependent Targets
Static and shared libaries
Conditions and alternatives
Prebuilt targets
24. User documentation
Writing Jamfiles
The Build Process
Builtin target types
Builtin features
Differences to Boost.Build V1
25. Extender Manual
Target types
Tools and generators
Main target rules
Toolset modules
26. Detailed reference
General information
Writing Jamfiles
Build process
27. Frequently Asked Questions
I'm getting "Duplicate name of actual target" error. What does it mean?
Accessing environment variables
How to control properties order?
How to control the library order on Unix?
Can I get output of external program as a variable in a Jamfile?
How to get the project-root location?
How to change compilation flags for one file?
Why are the dll-path and hardcode-dll-paths properties useful?
Targets in site-config.jam
B. Boost.Build v2 architecture
The build layer
The tools layer

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