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Chapter17.Getting Started

Table of Contents

Automatic setup for Unix-like systems
Manual setup for all systems
Configuring xsltproc
Configuring local DocBook XSL and DTD distributions
Configuring Doxygen for Documentation Extraction
Configuring Apache FOP
Running BoostBook

To use the Boost documentation tools, you will need several tools:

Automatic setup for Unix-like systems

BoostBook provides a nearly-automatic setup script. Once you have downloaded and installed xsltproc, doxygen, and (optionally) java, the setup script can download the required DocBook stylesheets, DocBook DTD, and (when Java is enabled) Apache FOP for PDF output. It will then configure Boost.Build version 2 to build BoostBook documentation. To perform the installation, execute the script tools/boostbook/ from a directory where you would like the resulting XSL, DTD, and Apache FOP installations to occur.

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