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Running BoostBook

Once BoostBook has been configured, we can build some documentation. First, change to the directory $BOOST_ROOT/doc and remove (or make writable) the .html files in $BOOST_ROOT/doc/html. Then, run bjam --v2 to build HTML documentation. You should see several warnings like these while DocBook documentation is being built from BoostBook documentation:

Cannot find function named 'checked_delete'
Cannot find function named 'checked_array_delete'
Cannot find function named 'next'

These warnings are emitted when the Boost documentation tools cannot find documentation for functions, methods, or classes that are referenced in the source, and are not harmful in any way. Once Boost.Jam has completed its execution, HTML documentation for Boost will be available in $BOOST_ROOT/doc/html. You can also create HTML documentation in a single (large!) HTML file with the command line bjam --v2 onehtml, or Unix man pages with the command line bjam --v2 man. The complete list of output formats is listed in Table17.1, “BoostBook Output Formats”. Several output formats can be passed to a single invocation of bjam, e.g., bjam --v2 html man docbook would generate HTML (multiple files), man pages, and DocBook documentation.

Table17.1.BoostBook Output Formats

Format Description

HTML output (multiple files). This is the default


HTML output in a single HTML file.


Unix man pages.


PDF. Requires Apache FOP.


Postscript. Requires Apache FOP.

docbook DocBook.
fo XSL Formatting Objects
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