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Class template date_itr

boost::date_time::date_itr — Overrides the base date iterator providing hook for functors.


template<typename offset_functor, typename date_type> 
class date_itr : public boost::date_time::date_itr_base< date_type > {
// types
typedef date_type::duration_type duration_type;

// construct/copy/destruct
date_itr(date_type, int = 1);

// public member functions

// private member functions
virtual duration_type get_offset(const date_type &) const;
virtual duration_type get_neg_offset(const date_type &) const;


date_itr construct/copy/destruct

  1. date_itr(date_type d, int factor = 1);

date_itr public member functions

    date_itr private member functions

    1. virtual duration_type get_offset(const date_type & current) const;
    2. virtual duration_type get_neg_offset(const date_type & current) const;
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