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Function erase_head_copy

boost::algorithm::erase_head_copy — Erase head algorithm.


template<typename OutputIteratorT, typename RangeT> 
erase_head_copy(OutputIteratorT Output, const RangeT & Input, 
unsigned int N);
template<typename SequenceT> 
SequenceT erase_head_copy(const SequenceT & Input, unsigned int N);


Remove the head from the input. The head is a prefix of a sequence of given size. If the sequence is shorter then required, the whole string is considered to be the head. The result is a modified copy of the input. It is returned as a sequence or copied to the output iterator.



An input string


Length of the head


An output iterator to which the result will be copied

Returns: An output iterator pointing just after the last inserted character or a modified copy of the input
Notes: The second variant of this function provides the strong exception-safety guarantee

Copyright 2002-2004 Pavol Droba