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Class basic_parsed_options<wchar_t>

boost::program_options::basic_parsed_options<wchar_t> —


class basic_parsed_options<wchar_t> {

// public member functions
 basic_parsed_options(const basic_parsed_options< char > &) ;

std::vector< basic_option< wchar_t > > options;
const options_description * description;
basic_parsed_options< char > utf8_encoded_options;


Specialization of basic_parsed_options which:

  • provides convenient conversion from basic_parsed_options<char>

  • stores the passed char-based options for later use.

basic_parsed_options public member functions

  1.  basic_parsed_options(const basic_parsed_options< char > & po) ;

    Constructs wrapped options from options in UTF8 encoding.

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