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Class template ostream_ymd_formatter

boost::date_time::ostream_ymd_formatter — Convert ymd to a standard string formatting policies.


template<typename ymd_type, typename facet_type, typename charT = char> 
class ostream_ymd_formatter {
// types
typedef ymd_type::month_type month_type;
typedef ostream_month_formatter< facet_type, charT > month_formatter_type;
typedef std::basic_ostream< charT > ostream_type;
typedef std::basic_string< charT > foo_type;

// public static functions
void ymd_put(ymd_type, ostream_type &, const facet_type &) ;


ostream_ymd_formatter public static functions

  1. void ymd_put(ymd_type ymd, ostream_type & os, const facet_type & f) ;

    This is standard code for handling date formatting with year-month-day based date information. This function uses the format_type to control whether the string will contain separator characters, and if so what the character will be. In addtion, it can format the month as either an integer or a string as controled by the formatting policy

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