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Class scoped_connection

boost::signals::scoped_connection — Limits a signal-slot connection lifetime to a particular scope.


class scoped_connection : private noncopyable   // Exposition only
// construct/copy/destruct
scoped_connection(const connection&);

// connection management
void disconnect() const;
bool connected() const;


scoped_connection construct/copy/destruct

  1. scoped_connection(const connection& other);

    Effects: this references the connection referenced by other.
    Throws: Will not throw.

  2. ~scoped_connection();

    Effects: If this->connected(), disconnects the signal-slot connection.

scoped_connection connection management

  1. void disconnect() const;

    Effects: If this->connected(), disconnects the signal and slot referenced by this; otherwise, this operation is a no-op.
    Postconditions: !this->connected().

  2. bool connected() const;

    Returns: true if this references a non-NULL connection that is still active (connected), and false otherwise.
    Throws: Will not throw.

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