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Class template time_resolution_traits

boost::date_time::time_resolution_traits —


template<typename frac_sec_type, time_resolutions res, 
         #if(defined(BOOST_MSVC)&&(_MSC_VER<=1200)) boost::int64_t resolution_adjust, 
         #else typename frac_sec_type::int_type resolution_adjust, 
         #endif unsigned short frac_digits, typename v_type = boost::int32_t> 
class time_resolution_traits {
  // types
  typedef frac_sec_type::int_type  fractional_seconds_type;
  typedef frac_sec_type::int_type  tick_type;              
  typedef frac_sec_type::impl_type impl_type;              
  typedef v_type                   day_type;               
  typedef v_type                   hour_type;              
  typedef v_type                   min_type;               
  typedef v_type                   sec_type;               

  // public member functions
   BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(int, ticks_per_second = resolution_adjust) ;

  // public static functions
  frac_sec_type::int_type as_number(typename frac_sec_type::impl_type) ;
  bool is_adapted() ;
  time_resolutions resolution() ;
  unsigned short num_fractional_digits() ;
  fractional_seconds_type res_adjust() ;
  tick_type to_tick_count(hour_type, min_type, sec_type, 
                          fractional_seconds_type) ;


time_resolution_traits public member functions

  1.  BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(int , ticks_per_second  = resolution_adjust) ;

time_resolution_traits public static functions

  1. frac_sec_type::int_type as_number(typename frac_sec_type::impl_type i) ;
  2. bool is_adapted() ;
  3. time_resolutions resolution() ;
  4. unsigned short num_fractional_digits() ;
  5. fractional_seconds_type res_adjust() ;
  6. tick_type to_tick_count(hour_type hours, min_type minutes, sec_type seconds, 
                            fractional_seconds_type fs) ;
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