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Function template token_finder

boost::algorithm::token_finder — "Token" finder


template<typename PredicateT> 
unspecified token_finder(PredicateT Pred, 
token_compress_mode_type eCompress = token_compress_off);


Construct the token_finder . The finder searches for a token specified by a predicate. It is similar to std::find_if algorithm, with an exception that it return a range of instead of a single iterator.

If "compress token mode" is enabled, adjacent matching tokens are concatenated into one match. Thus the finder can be used to search for continuous segments of characters satisfying the given predicate.

The result is given as an iterator_range delimiting the match.



An element selection predicate


Compress flag

Returns: An instance of the token_finder object

Copyright 2002-2004 Pavol Droba