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Class untyped_value

boost::program_options::untyped_value —


class untyped_value
  :  : public boost::program_options::value_semantic_codecvt_helper< charT >
// construct/copy/destruct
untyped_value(bool = false);

// public member functions
std::string name() const;
unsigned min_tokens() const;
unsigned max_tokens() const;
bool is_composing() const;
void xparse(boost::any &, const std::vector< std::string > &) const;
bool apply_default(boost::any &) const;
void notify(const boost::any &) const;


Class which specifies a simple handling of a value: the value will have string type and only one token is allowed.

untyped_value construct/copy/destruct

  1. untyped_value(bool zero_tokens = false);

untyped_value public member functions

  1. std::string name() const;
  2. unsigned min_tokens() const;
  3. unsigned max_tokens() const;
  4. bool is_composing() const;
  5. void xparse(boost::any & value_store, 
    const std::vector< std::string > & new_tokens) const;

    If 'value_store' is already initialized, or new_tokens has more than one elements, throws. Otherwise, assigns the first string from 'new_tokens' to 'value_store', without any modifications.

  6. bool apply_default(boost::any & ) const;

    Does nothing.

  7. void notify(const boost::any & ) const;

    Does nothing.

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