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ct_gcd_lcm - Compile-Time GCD and LCM


detail/ct_gcd_lcm.hpp provides two compile-time algorithms: greatest common divisor and least common multiple.


namespace details {
namespace pool {

template <unsigned A, unsigned B>
struct ct_gcd
  static const unsigned value = ...;
template <unsigned A, unsigned B>
struct ct_lcm
  static const unsigned value = ...;

} // namespace pool
} // namespace details


Symbol Table
A, Bcompile-time unsigned integer constants[5.19/1]
ExpressionResult TypeValuePrecondition
ct_gcd<A, B>::valuecompile-time unsigned integer constantThe greatest common divisor of A and BA != 0 && B != 0
ct_lcm<A, B>::valuecompile-time unsigned integer constantThe least common multiple of A and BA != 0 && B != 0


Since these are compile-time algorithms, violation of the preconditions will result in a compile-time error.


Selected Quotations from the Standard

5.19/1: Expressions: Constant Expressions: ". . . An integral constant expression can involve only literals (2.13), enumerators, const variables or static data members of integral or enumeration types initialized with constant expressions (8.5), non-type template parameters of integral or enumeration types, and sizeof expressions. Floating literals (2.13.3) can appear only if they are cast to integral or enumeration types. Only type conversions to integral or enumeration types can be used. In particular, except in sizeof expressions, functions, class objects, pointers, or references shall not be used, and assignment, increment, decrement, function-call, or comma operators shall not be used."

Future Directions

This header may be replaced by a Boost compile-time algorithms library.

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