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guard - Auto-lock/unlock-er


detail/guard.hpp provides a type guard<Mutex> that allows scoped access to the Mutex's locking and unlocking operations. It is used to ensure that a Mutex is unlocked, even if an exception is thrown.


namespace details {
namespace pool {

template <typename Mutex>
class guard
    guard(const guard &);
    void operator=(const guard &);

    explicit guard(Mutex & mtx);

} // namespace pool
} // namespace details


Symbol Table
mvalue of type Mutex &
gvalue of type guard<Mutex>

Requirements on Mutex
ExpressionReturn TypeAssertion/Note/Pre/Post-Condition
m.lock()not usedLocks the mutex referred to by m
m.unlock()not usedUnlocks the mutex referred to by m

Requirements satisfied by guard
T(m)Locks the mutex referred to by m; binds T(m) to m
(&g)->~T()Unlocks the mutex that g is bound to


Given a (platform-specific) mutex class, we can wrap code as follows:

extern mutex global_lock;

static void f()
  boost::details::pool::guard<mutex> g(global_lock);
  // g's constructor locks "global_lock"

  ... // do anything:
      //   throw exceptions
      //   return
      //   or just fall through
} // g's destructor unlocks "global_lock"



Future Directions

This header will eventually be replaced by a Boost multithreading library.

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