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Boost Pointer Container Library

Usage Guidelines

The recommended usage pattern of the container classes are the same as the for normal standard containers.

ptr_vector, ptr_list and ptr_deque offer the programmer different complexity tradeoffs and should be used accordingly. ptr_vector is the type of sequence that should be used by default. ptr_list should be used when there are frequent insertions and deletions from the middle of the sequence and if the container is fairly large (eg. more than 100 elements). ptr_deque is the data structure of choice when most insertions and deletions take place at the beginning or at the end of the sequence. The special container ptr_array may be used when the size of the container is invariant and known at compile time.

An associative container supports unique keys if it may contain at most one element for each key. Otherwise, it supports equivalent keys. ptr_set and ptr_map support unique keys. ptr_multiset and ptr_multimap support equivalent keys.


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