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Type error type represents the different types of errors that can be raised by the library when parsing a regular expression.

namespace boost{ namespace regex_constants{

typedef implementation-specific-type error_type;

static const error_type error_collate;
static const error_type error_ctype;
static const error_type error_escape;
static const error_type error_backref;
static const error_type error_brack;
static const error_type error_paren;
static const error_type error_brace;
static const error_type error_badbrace;
static const error_type error_range;
static const error_type error_space;
static const error_type error_badrepeat;
static const error_type error_complexity;
static const error_type error_stack;
static const error_type error_bad_pattern;

} // namespace regex_constants
} // namespace boost



The type error_type is an implementation-specific enumeration type that may take one of the following values:

Constant Meaning
error_collate An invalid collating element was specified in a [[.name.]] block.
error_ctype An invalid character class name was specified in a [[:name:]] block.
error_escape An invalid or trailing escape was encountered.
error_backref A back-reference to a non-existant marked sub-expression was encountered.
error_brack An invalid character set [...] was encountered.

Mismatched '(' and ')'.

error_brace Mismatched '{' and '}'.
error_badbrace Invalid contents of a {...} block.
error_range A character range was invalid, for example [d-a].
error_space Out of memory.
error_badrepeat An attempt to repeat something that can not be repeated - for example a*+
error_complexity The expression became too complex to handle.
error_stack Out of program stack space.
error_bad_pattern Other unspecified errors.

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