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William E. Kempf was the architect, designer, and implementor of Boost.Thread.

Mac OS Carbon implementation written by Mac Murrett.

Dave Moore provided initial submissions and further comments on the barrier , thread_pool , read_write_mutex , read_write_try_mutex and read_write_timed_mutex classes.

Important contributions were also made by Jeremy Siek (lots of input on the design and on the implementation), Alexander Terekhov (lots of input on the Win32 implementation, especially in regards to boost::condition, as well as a lot of explanation of POSIX behavior), Greg Colvin (lots of input on the design), Paul Mclachlan, Thomas Matelich and Iain Hanson (for help in trying to get the build to work on other platforms), and Kevin S. Van Horn (for several updates/corrections to the documentation).

Mike Glassford finished changes to Boost.Thread that were begun by William Kempf and moved them into the main CVS branch. He also addressed a number of issues that were brought up on the Boost developer's mailing list and provided some additions and changes to the read_write_mutex and related classes.

The documentation was written by William E. Kempf. Beman Dawes provided additional documentation material and editing. Mike Glassford finished William Kempf's conversion of the documentation to BoostBook format and added a number of new sections.

Discussions on the mailing list were essential in the development of Boost.Thread . As of August 1, 2001, participants included Alan Griffiths, Albrecht Fritzsche, Aleksey Gurtovoy, Alexander Terekhov, Andrew Green, Andy Sawyer, Asger Alstrup Nielsen, Beman Dawes, Bill Klein, Bill Rutiser, Bill Wade, Branko čibej, Brent Verner, Craig Henderson, Csaba Szepesvari, Dale Peakall, Damian Dixon, Dan Nuffer, Darryl Green, Daryle Walker, David Abrahams, David Allan Finch, Dejan Jelovic, Dietmar Kuehl, Douglas Gregor, Duncan Harris, Ed Brey, Eric Swanson, Eugene Karpachov, Fabrice Truillot, Frank Gerlach, Gary Powell, Gernot Neppert, Geurt Vos, Ghazi Ramadan, Greg Colvin, Gregory Seidman, HYS, Iain Hanson, Ian Bruntlett, J Panzer, Jeff Garland, Jeff Paquette, Jens Maurer, Jeremy Siek, Jesse Jones, Joe Gottman, John (EBo) David, John Bandela, John Maddock, John Max Skaller, John Panzer, Jon Jagger , Karl Nelson, Kevlin Henney, KG Chandrasekhar, Levente Farkas, Lie-Quan Lee, Lois Goldthwaite, Luis Pedro Coelho, Marc Girod, Mark A. Borgerding, Mark Rodgers, Marshall Clow, Matthew Austern, Matthew Hurd, Michael D. Crawford, Michael H. Cox , Mike Haller, Miki Jovanovic, Nathan Myers, Paul Moore, Pavel Cisler, Peter Dimov, Petr Kocmid, Philip Nash, Rainer Deyke, Reid Sweatman, Ross Smith, Scott McCaskill, Shalom Reich, Steve Cleary, Steven Kirk, Thomas Holenstein, Thomas Matelich, Trevor Perrin, Valentin Bonnard, Vesa Karvonen, Wayne Miller, and William Kempf.

As of February 2006 Anthony Williams and Roland Schwarz took over maintainance and further development of the library after it has been in an orphaned state for a rather long period of time.

Apologies for anyone inadvertently missed.

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