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ed_brey.jpgEd Brey lives in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, a village outside of Milwaukee. In the summertime, he likes to play tennis with his wife, and in the winter, if there is enough snow, he likes to go tobogganing or ice-skating. If it is not nice enough outside for either of those, he plays on the piano.

Ed works at Eaton Corporation in Milwaukee. He started working there as part of Marquette University's engineering co-op program. Upon graduation in 1995 from Marquette with a BS in electrical and computer engineering, he was hired on full-time, where he initially worked on firmware for industrial controls. More recently, he has been working on a PC-based configuration tool for industrial networks. Ed received his MS in computer engineering in 2001 from NTU .

Ed has held programming as a pastime since his grade school days, when he wrote a babysitting invoicing program. Soon after, he wrote a game inspired by the TV game show “Press Your Luck”. Ever since, programming languages and concepts, along with finding ways to improve the art and science of coding software, have always peeked his interest.

Lastly, Ed has managed to retain his perspective. As fun as computers and programming are, Ed's true loves in life are the Lord Jesus whom he serves and his dear wife Beth.

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