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Boost Build System V2


Boost.Build is a system for large project software construction, which is simple to use and powerfull. Boost.Build V2 is an onging project to rewrite Boost.Build, improving design and making it more extensible. The distinguishing features are:


The user manual, which includes installation instructions, tutorial and initial reference is available here.


Enough of the core functionality is implemented to allow practical use on medium-size projects. Several compilers and tools are supported, the full list is available here. The list of features still to be implemented is outlined in the development plan.


The most up-to-date sources are available in tools/build directory of Boost CVS. Please see the Boost CVS Repository section of the Boost getting started docs.

Boost.Build releases are also available. There's zip archive, and tar.bz2 archive of the current release. Older releases are available from the SourceForce download page.

The installation is described in the user manual.


Should you have any questions or comments, we'd be glad to hear them. Post everything to the mailing list.

If you'd like to help with development, there's a separate guidelines document.

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