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Struct template regex_compiler

boost::xpressive::regex_compiler — Class template regex_compiler is a factory for building basic_regex objects from a string.


template<typename BidiIter, typename RegexTraits, typename CompilerTraits> 
struct regex_compiler {
// types
typedef BidiIter iterator_type;
typedef iterator_value< BidiIter >::type char_type;
typedef std::basic_string< char_type > string_type;
typedef regex_constants::syntax_option_type flag_type;
typedef RegexTraits traits_type;
typedef traits_type::char_class_type char_class_type;
typedef traits_type::locale_type locale_type;

// construct/copy/destruct
regex_compiler(RegexTraits const & = RegexTraits());

// public member functions
locale_type imbue(locale_type) ;
locale_type getloc() const;
basic_regex< BidiIter > 
compile(string_type, flag_type = regex_constants::ECMAScript) ;


Class template regex_compiler is used to construct a basic_regex object from a string. The string should contain a valid regular expression. You can imbue a regex_compiler object with a locale, after which all basic_regex objects created with that regex_compiler object will use that locale. After creating a regex_compiler object, and optionally imbueing it with a locale, you can call the compile() method to construct a basic_regex object, passing it the string representing the regular expression. You can call compile() multiple times on the same regex_compiler object. Two basic_regex objects compiled from the same string will have different regex_id's.

regex_compiler construct/copy/destruct

  1. regex_compiler(RegexTraits const & traits = RegexTraits());

regex_compiler public member functions

  1. locale_type imbue(locale_type loc) ;

    Specify the locale to be used by a regex_compiler.


    The locale that this regex_compiler should use.


    The previous locale.

  2. locale_type getloc() const;

    Get the locale used by a regex_compiler.

  3. basic_regex< BidiIter > 
    compile(string_type pat, flag_type flags = regex_constants::ECMAScript) ;

    Builds a basic_regex object from a std::string.


    Optional bitmask that determines how the pat string is interpreted. (See syntax_option_type.)


    A std::string containing the regular expression pattern.


    The std::string pat contains a valid string-based representation of a regular expression.


    A basic_regex object corresponding to the regular expression represented by the string.

    Throws: regex_error when the string has invalid regular expression syntax.
Copyright 2003, 2004 Eric Niebler