Boost C++ Libraries of the most highly regarded and expertly designed C++ library projects in the world. Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards

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In House Boost

Whether you're a government department, an internet startup, or a specialist consultancy, in-house developement using the Boost Libraries can significantly shorten your development cycles.


google-gtags Provides server-based tags serving for large codebases. This is an extension to GNU Emacs and X-Emacs TAGS functionality, that uses Boost.Test as its unit test framework.

LiquidNet is Americas number one electronic marketplace for large block trading, and the 5th fastest growing company according to Inc Magazine.

"Boost Libraries most used, in order of importance:
Shared Pointer, Bind, Python, Lexical Cast, Optional, Any and Tuple
MetOcean Engineers

MetOcean Engineers are a leading consultancy providing oceanographic and meteorological services in support of coastal and ocean engineering and environmental protection. Core activities encompass: oceanographic measurements; metocean monitoring systems; coastal and ocean engineering; environmental consultancy; data management.

Boost Libraries currently in use: Any, Assign, Bind, Date Time, Iterators, Lexical Cast, MPL, Phoenix, Program Options, Ref, Smart Pointer, Spirit, String Algorithm, Tribool and Variant
TeraView Ltd

TeraView Ltd develop terahertz based systems for a variety of applications including spectroscopy and imaging.

"We use: Thread, Filesystem, Date Time, Serialization, Smart Pointer, Function, Bind, Iterator, Lexical Cast, Format, Tuple, Any and Optional"
NPC International

With about 800 restaurants, NPC International is the world's largest Pizza Hut franchisee.

"We make extensive use of boost in our internally developed point of sale, restaurant management, communications, and accounting systems. We use the following Boost libraries in approximate order of frequency of use: Bind, Function, Optional, Shared Pointer, Date Time, Thread, Lambda, Type Traits, MPL, Tuple, Enable If, Variant, Spirit, String Algorithm, Preprocessor, Filesystem, Operator, Iterators and Tokenizer."
Rational Discovery LLC

Rational Discovery provides computational modeling, combinatorial library design and custom software development services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries.

"We do a substantial amount of internal research to develop new approaches for applying machine-learning techniques to solve chemical problems. Because we're a small organization and chemistry is a large and complex field, it is essential that we be able to quickly and easily prototype and test new algorithms. We have found the Boost libraries, a reliable source of high-quality code, to be indispensable.

Boost libraries used: Python, Graph, Smart Pointer, Any, Lexical Cast, Random, String Algorithms, Tuple, uBLAS."
Archelon LLC

Archelon LLC is a global securities firm headquartered in Chicago. We actively trade equities, futures and derivatives in both electronic and floor-based markets. Archelon is one of the highest volume market makers on EUREX and a leading U.S. option market maker focusing on the most active securities.

"We use: Any, Array, Bind, Date Time, Function, Lexical Cast, Optional, Rational, Regex, Signals, Smart Pointer, Tokenizer, Tuple and Utility."
Automated Trading Deck

Automated Trading Deck (ATD) uses a large number of Boost libraries. ATD is a technology company specializing in automated trading and customized equity execution solutions for its customers. We offer automated execution solutions in all domestic cash equity markets, including the listed, over-the-counter, exchange traded fund and bulletin board marketplaces. Our proprietary "Pricing Engine" and automated limit-order trading algorithms apply advanced expert systems to limit-order trading and customer executions.
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