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Boost Pointer Container Library

Library headers

Header Includes
<boost/ptr_container/clone_allocator.hpp> classes heap_clone_allocator and view_clone_allocator and functions new_clone() and delete_clone()
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_deque.hpp> class ptr_deque (and std::deque)
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_list.hpp> class ptr_list (and std::list)
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_vector.hpp> class ptr_vector (and std::vector)
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_array.hpp> class ptr_array (and boost::array)
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_set.hpp> classes ptr_set and ptr_multiset (and std::set and std::multiset)
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_map.hpp> classes ptr_map and ptr_multimap (and std::map and std::multimap)
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_sequence_adapter.hpp> class ptr_sequence_adapter
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_set_adapter.hpp> classes ptr_set_adapter and ptr_multiset_adapter
<boost/ptr_container/ptr_map_adapter.hpp> classes ptr_map_adapter and ptr_multimap_adapter
classes bad_ptr_container_operation, bad_index
and bad_pointer
<boost/ptr_container/indirect_fun.hpp> class indirect_fun
<boost/ptr_container/nullable.hpp> class nullable


Copyright:Thorsten Ottosen 2004-2006. Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software License, Version 1.0 (see LICENSE_1_0.txt).