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Statistical Distributions and Functions

Statistical Distributions Tutorial
Worked Examples
Distribution Construction Example
Student's t Distribution Examples
Calculating confidence intervals on the mean with the Students-t distribution
Testing a sample mean for difference from a "true" mean
Estimating how large a sample size would have to become in order to give a significant Students-t test result with a single sample test
Comparing the means of two samples with the Students-t test
Comparing two paired samples with the Student's t distribution
Chi Squared Distribution Examples
Confidence Intervals on the Standard Deviation
Chi-Square Test for the Standard Deviation
Estimating the Required Sample Sizes for a Chi-Square Test for the Standard Deviation
F Distribution Examples
Binomial Distribution Examples
Binomial Coin-Flipping Example
Binomial Quiz Example
Calculating Confidence Limits on the Frequency of Occurrence for a Binomial Distribution
Estimating Sample Sizes for a Binomial Distribution.
Negative Binomial Distribution Examples
Calculating Confidence Limits on the Frequency of Occurrence for the Negative Binomial Distribution
Estimating Sample Sizes for the Negative Binomial.
Negative Binomial Sales Quota Example.
Negative Binomial Table Printing Example.
Normal Distribution Examples
Some Miscellaneous Examples of the Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
Error Handling Example
Find Location and Scale Examples
Find Location (Mean) Example
Find Scale (Standard Deviation) Example
Find mean and standard deviation example
Comparison with C, R, FORTRAN-style Free Functions
Random Variates and Distribution Parameters
Discrete Probability Distributions
Statistical Distributions Reference
Non-Member Properties
Bernoulli Distribution
Beta Distribution
Binomial Distribution
Cauchy-Lorentz Distribution
Chi Squared Distribution
Exponential Distribution
Extreme Value Distribution
F Distribution
Gamma (and Erlang) Distribution
Log Normal Distribution
Negative Binomial Distribution
Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
Pareto Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Rayleigh Distribution
Students t Distribution
Triangular Distribution
Weibull Distribution
Uniform Distribution
Distribution Algorithms
Extras/Future Directions