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The 'log level' parameter

Parameter Name: The Unit Test Framework log level
Environment variable name: BOOST_TEST_LOG_LEVEL
Command line argument name: log_level
Acceptable Values:
all - report all log messages including the passed test notification
success - the same as all
test_suite - show test suite messages
message - show user messages
warning - report warnings issued by user
error - report all error conditions
cpp_exception - report uncaught c++ exception
system_error - report system originated non-fatal errors (for example, timeout or floating point exception)
fatal_error - report only user or system originated fatal errors (for example, memory access violation)
nothing - does not report any information
Description: allows to set the Unit Test Framework log level in a range from a complete log, when all successful tests are confirmed and all test suite messages are included, to an empty log when nothing is logged a test output stream. Note that log levels are accumulating, in other words each log level includes also all the information reported by less restrictive ones.