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The Unit Test Framework example 3

Rationale: to demonstrate
  • an ability to construct multilevel hierarchy of test suites
  • an ability to construct test cases based on user class's member function
  • an ability to fail test suite initialization
  • usage of several different kinds of Test Tools
  • usage of floating point comparison algorithm
Input: This example require initial balance as a command line argument. Also during run it query deposit value. You may use 10 and 5 to get an output below.
Output: With the input described above the output looks like:
Running 3 test case...
.../unit_test_example3.cpp(63): error in "account_test::test_init": test m_account.balance() == 5.0 failed [10 != 5]
Enter deposit value:
.../unit_test_example3.cpp(87): fatal error in "account_test::test_deposit": test m_account.balance() >= 100.0 failed

*** 2 failures detected (5 failures expected) in test suite "Unit test example 3"
Source: unit_test_example_03.cpp