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Boost.MultiIndex Tests

The Boost.MultiIndex test suite exercises the whole spectrum of functionalities provided by the library. Although the tests are not meant to serve as a learning guide, the interested reader may find it useful to inspect the source code to gain familiarity with some of the least common features offered by Boost.MultiIndex.

Boost.MultiIndex test suite.
Program Description
test_basic.cpp Simple program along the lines of the employees example studied in the tutorial.
test_capacity.cpp empty, size, resize (non key-based indices) and reserve/capacity (random access indices only).
test_comparison.cpp Comparison between indices.
test_composite_key.cpp composite_key and composite_key_compare.
test_conv_iterators.cpp Checks convertibility of non-constant to constant iterators.
test_copy_assignment.cpp Various forms of assignment: copy, operator =, insertion, (non key-based indices only) assign .
test_hash_ops.cpp Hashing operations.
test_iterators.cpp Constant and non-constant iterators and their reverse variants.
test_key_extractors.cpp Covers all use cases of key extractors shipped with the library.
test_list_ops.cpp List-like operations particular to sequenced and random access indices.
test_modifiers.cpp Checks the family of insertion and erasing operations.
test_mpl_ops.cpp Metaprogramming manipulations of multi_index_container types.
test_observers.cpp Checks observer member functions of ordered and hashed indices.
test_projection.cpp Projection of iterators among indices.
test_range.cpp Exercises the range facility (ordered indices only).
test_rearrange.cpp Rearrange functions of sequenced and random access indices.
test_safe_mode.cpp Comprehensive coverage of all conditions checked in safe mode.
Serialization support.
test_set_ops.cpp Set-like operations particular to ordered indices.
test_special_set_ops.cpp Checks special lookup operations using compatible sorting criteria.
test_update.cpp replace, modify and modify_key.

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